The International Folklore Festival “Baragan`s Flower”, included in The International Council of Folkloric Festivals Organization (C.I.O.F.F)`s calendar, is being organized by the Ialomita District`s Council and The County Centre For Conservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture Ialomita.

In 1994 a festival started in Ialomita`s Baragan, in order to gather, in celebration of music, dance and folk clothing, artists from all around the world.

The festival is being held each summer in Slobozia and some other towns of Ialomita and up till now, ten editions took place. To participate  you need an official invitation from the organizers, received after being chosen from all the offers of the various folk ensembles and groups throughout the world. As time passed by, the festival had various folk groups as guests from countries such as: France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Turkey, North Cyprus, Greece, Poland, Bulgaria, Armenia, Serbia, Macedonia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Israel, Peru and Republic of Moldova.

Trough song, dance and folk art, the festival promotes each nation`s beauty and uniqueness, in context of globalization and keeping the social and cultural identity.

Cultural exchanges have  and will be contributing  to human knowledge, strengthening friendships and enriching the cultural horizon of the participants.

The Mayoralties, local councils, cultural homes and cultural clubs contribute to the event`s success , and they are also the visiting group`s welcoming hosts. Performing alongside the foreign folk groups are the vocalists, vocal and dance groups as well as art ensembles and the beauty of the Romanian Folklore is being assessed  at it`s true value by the guests

Since 1994,when this artistic manifestation first started, the festival`s value kept growing year after year, getting known in the cultural  and artistic life of this district and country. The astonishing folk wear parades ,performances ,meetings between the harbingers of different cultures, the sense of competition, of high professionalism and the knowledge of different customs and traditions contribute this magic and extraordinary atmosphere of song and dance placed under the symbol of friendship and collaboration.

The inhabitants of Ialomita await this international celebration of folklore and are eager to know the customs and culture trough dance, music and folk clothing. The variety of dances, rhythms and costumes catches the eye and earns the admiration of folk lovers, reflecting the history, culture, attitudes and values.

This event represents a true celebration of folk song and dance, showing off the originality and traditions of so many generations and transmitted trough the art of performing.

During the festival, the participants get to visit Ialomita district with it`s towns and attractions and also with the well known hospitality of it`s inhabitants.

Among time, in the vast domain of folklore, long lasting  friendships have been created, regardless of social stands and political opinions. The people love folklore, a dear spiritual value, they gladly recive it with passion and exuberance, eager of authenticity, performing properly, color and variety and the folk creation represents an everlasting flow of inspiration.

The discussions, visits and performances express our opening to other`s way of being for a better identification. For the Ialomita district the festival represents yet another occasion to prove that we are Europeans.

The International Folklore Festival “Baragan`s flower” is a cultural manifestation of great importance for Ialomita district, a time of meetings and spiritual exchanges between different nations, traditions and cultures, in the name of friendship and peace.