The International Folklore Festival

“Baragan`s Flower”

The 22nd Edition

6th-9th of June 2019


1. The organizers will receive the groups in Slobozia town on the day before the official opening of the festival, in the evening (the 5th of June 2019). The departure from Slobozia will be the day after the official closing the festival, in the morning (the 10th of June 2019).

2. The Festival Administration will provide full accommodation (3 meals daily) and fuel for local transportation (just in Ialomita county, only for performances) during the festival to all participating groups. No pocket money.

3. The participants will respect the regulations of the Festival. There will be an sight – seeing programme which will be organized for the groups to visit the touristic sites of Slobozia town.


1. The total number of each group be not exceed 25 members. Only adult group (over 16 years).

2. Each group will pay for their transportation to Slobozia town and back and also insurance and freight equipments.

3. Publicity materials and information kit highlighting the group history and activities with photographs and any performance to be published will be sent one month before the begining of the Festival.

4. The groups will have a number of 2 flags of the participant country in international size and a CD with national anthem.

5. The groups will perform artistic programs on: 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, and one hour whith live music (no CD).

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